Newsletter | September 26, 2023

09.26.23 -- Optimize Your Cell Line Preparation

Kick It Off Right: A Successful Cell Bank Manufacture

The importance of a successful cell bank manufacture is at the forefront of new product development, and the introduction of new regulations can mean having to pivot to ensure compliance. Learn about best practices for cell bank manufacturing, how to get the most out of your cell bank, the future of closed processing in line with Annex 1, and more.


Cell Line Preparation For Optimal Production

Unlock the potential of your biopharmaceutical development with the right foundation of cell bank manufacturing, cell line characterization, and storage. These crucial components are the basis for creating stable, pure, and viable biologics. We know the importance of getting it right — that's why we handle these services for you with precision and care.


From Myth To Mastery: Unveiling The Secrets Of Virus Bank Manufacturing

It is crucial to start off your product development right. In this webinar, you will learn how to best approach virus bank production. Review best practices for virus bank production, how to overcome common obstacles in the virus bank manufacturing process, when you need your master virus seed stock bank and working virus seed stock bank, and more.


Next-Generation Sequencing For Adventitious Agent Detection In Cell Banks

The use of next-generation sequencing (NGS) in the biosafety testing space has grown dramatically over the past decade with the advent of advanced instrumentation. Explore a NGS adventitious agent testing (AAT) method for cell line characterization, representative results from a HEK293 master cell bank, and more.


Transition To Closed Processing Systems

In response to the increasing shift of the biologics manufacturing industry into single-use, closed-system processing technologies, as well as rising regulatory requirements to de-risk processes, one of our facilities is moving routine expansion of suspension cells into a closed process format. Gain insight into this transition and how it compares to traditional processing.







Comprehensive Testing Services To Support Your Biologics Development Journey

Choosing the right partner for your analytical and biosafety testing is critical in the race to approval. We offer best-in-class, risk-mitigating solutions with technical and regulatory expertise to help you bring life-changing drugs to market. Our testing and manufacturing services span the product cycle from early preclinical development to licensed production. Partner with us to meet your needs for biosafety testing, analytical development, and biomanufacturing services.