Newsletter | March 22, 2024

03.22.24 -- Packaging And Containment Insights To Get To Market Faster

Reliable Components For The Life Cycle Of Your Injectable Drug Product

As drug products increase in complexity, become more specialized, and trend towards self-administration, it is more important than ever to have a reliable drug closure system. West recognizes that sensitive and high-value drug products have a particular need for high-quality components with optimal performance and continuous innovation.


Key Considerations When Selecting Packaging Components

Regardless of a company’s size, recognizing the importance of packaging development and prioritizing its role in drug development early on can help you proactively identify events that could delay your timelines and prepare you to develop strategies to overcome the risks.


The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions On Glass: Part 2

Dr. Bettine Boltres, West’s contact for scientific affairs and technical solutions for glass, shares answers to the remainder of the ten most common questions that she encounters on glass-related topics. She specifically notes some insights concerning glass vials.


Containment Solutions To Help Emerging Companies Get To Market Faster

Review dynamics in bringing an injectable biologic to market and the top challenges that emerging companies face. This white paper shares solutions on how to set up your company for long-term success using packaging containment offerings and services to help mitigate risks and speed your time to market.


Injectable Packaging From Early Development To Commercialization

A large biopharma company sought a packaging recommendation while in their early-stage development of a monoclonal antibody biosimilar for oncology treatment. The company needed a stopper that they could rely on to maintain the high-quality standards needed for the success of their biosimilar and pipeline of future biosimilar products.



Vial Containment That Scales From R&D To Commercial

The West Ready Pack containment solution includes high-quality components to protect, store, and deliver your drug product. Speed up your time to market and reduce your risk of selecting individual components that may not work well together by choosing the Ready Pack containment solution.

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Developing a drug and getting it approved is no small feat, particularly amid key trends that are reshaping the market — and if you’re an emerging company, you have unique challenges compared to larger companies. Selecting the right drug packaging positively impacts the success and timeline of bringing your drug to market.


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To learn more about containment solutions for emerging companies, please read about the West Ready Pack™ containment solution here.


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