Newsletter | February 8, 2024

02.08.24 -- Protein L Affinity Resin Is Ready To Move To Manufacturing


Relational Risk Analysis For The Biopharma Industry

Successfully developing and manufacturing biopharmaceuticals depends on identifying, analyzing, and managing a wide variety of risks. This article presents a novel alternative risk analysis approach that provides a simple, easy, and effective method for quickly and efficiently modeling and analyzing any risk.


Protein L Affinity Resin Is Ready To Move To Manufacturing

Discover a protein L affinity chromatography resin that is well suited for use in biomanufacturing and offers increased binding capacities compared to other resins.

Accelerated Monoclonal Antibody Development

Hear from some of the experts who were instrumental in developing the accelerated mAb development program and work with biotech companies on a daily basis to accelerate their production timelines.


Alvotech Announces Positive Top-Line Results From A Pharmacokinetic Study For AVT03, A Proposed Biosimilar For Prolia & Xgeva

Sandoz Launches First And Only Biosimilar For Multiple Sclerosis, Tyruko (natalizumab), In Germany

Celltrion USA Completes Submission Of Biologics License Application For CT-P47, A Biosimilar Candidate Of ACTEMRA (tocilizumab)

Henlius Announces Successful Completion Of Phase 1 PK Similarity Clinical Study Of Denosumab HLX14


SmartDose Self Injection Platform