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Purification Of Mammalian Virus In A Single Step

Source: Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
Purification of Mammalian Virus in a Single Step

Viruses can infect mammalian cells and cause diseases such as influenza, hepatitis, yellow fever, smallpox, and AIDS. Since some biotherapeutic products are produced using mammalian cell lines or plasma, the risk of viral contamination in these products is a concern and guidelines have been enforced to alleviate this risk. In order to study a virus, a pure, high-quality infectious population is required. Conventional techniques for mammalian virus purification, for uses such as vaccine production or biological studies, can produce material of variable quality and quantity, often with significant loss of particle infectivity.

In this case study, ceramic hydroxyapatite media is used for purification of a wide variety of mammalian viruses. Viral activity was determined using the assays shown in Table 2. Chromatography using ceramic hydroxyapatite media is simple, easily scalable, and results in a concentrated preparation of highly active virus.