Newsletter | June 25, 2024

06.25.24 -- Smart Investment, Big Returns: Optimizing Cell Culture For Efficiency And Value

Improving Efficiency In Upstream Process Development

Seasoned scientists and team leaders at Cytiva present the latest trends in cell culture technology as well as strategies to accelerate cell line development, media development, and raw material characterization. Additionally, they discuss tools and enablers for scale-up and explore reasons to outsource process liquids and buffers. Click to watch the webinar.


How To Increase Titers And Maintain Protein Quality

When evaluating media with the goal of increasing titers, you need to ensure that protein quality is not negatively impacted. How can you reliably perform this process improvement? Use a Design of Experiment (DoE) and empirical approach. Read an example of how.


Effects Of Feeding Strategy On CHO Cell Performance In Fed-Batch Cultures

This application note demonstrates the development of a fed-batch process using ActiPro™ cell culture production medium and Cell Boost™ supplements for a CHO cell line producing a mAb. The results emphasize the importance of optimizing the feeding regimen for different cell lines.


Intensified, Improved Fed-Batch Production Process

How can you intensify your fed-batch process through reduced production duration without affecting the growth or titer profile? In this study, we replaced the conventional N-1 seed train step with high-density perfusion. This enabled 10-fold higher seed density in the production bioreactor.


Generating A Robust Host Cell Line For A Cell Line Development Platform

When generating a cell line development (CLD) platform, one major challenge is establishing a host cell line that has the desired growth characteristics and can readily transition between cloning and production media. Here, we present a host cell line that meets these criteria and how we confirmed cell performance.