Newsletter | November 9, 2023

11.09.23 -- Strategies For mAb And mAb Variant Chromatography Process Development

Capture Of Bispecific Antibodies And Removal Of Product-Related Impurities

Learn about how protein L resins can be used to separate bispecific antibodies from product-related impurities.


Alkaline Stability Of Fc And VH3 Binding In Protein A Resins

In this study, we looked at how cleaning in place (CIP) affects different antibody binding sites of a protein A ligand.


Developing A HIC Polishing Step For mAb Aggregate Removal

Read how the Cytiva R&D team developed a flow-through (FT) polishing step using HIC to remove mAb aggregates.


In Silico Optimization Of A Multimodal Chromatography mAb Polishing Step

See how process optimization for a multimodal chromatography polishing step for a monoclonal antibody can be achieved with only six calibration experiments resulting in a doubling of process productivity.



Select An Affinity Chromatography Resin For Your Antibody

This guide helps you select a capture resin for mAbs, bispecific antibodies, and antibody fragments based on the target molecule.