Newsletter | June 29, 2023

06.29.23 -- Three Areas To Focus On When Building Security Of Supply

The Evolution Of Supply Chain Security – Increased Focus On Raw Materials

Qualifying two suppliers, increasing capacity, implementing a scorecard methodology for strategic suppliers, and surveying suppliers for their number of production lines are all important ways to guarantee a steady supply of materials and technologies — but we must ensure close attention is also paid to raw materials.

How Forecasting Supports The Integrity Of The Biopharma Supply Chain

Since manufacturing requirements and volumes are based on the level of customer demand, inaccurate forecasting levels can lead to vulnerabilities. Receiving customer forecasts as early and completely as possible is critical to the success of the supply chain continuum. Explore tips for anticipating demand, accurate demand planning, and more.

Improving The Supply Of Single-Use Technologies

The use of single-use technologies has been growing steadily over the past decade. Emerging therapy developers, such as cell and gene therapy and vaccine adjuvants, obtain great benefits with single-use technologies, but there are challenges. Explore the potential solutions for single-use supply constraints.