Expedite Excel with Hidden Shortcuts

February 5, 2021 - CA US



Overview: Excel expert David Ringstrom, CPA is fond of stating "Either you work Excel, or it works you!" In this fast-paced presentation David will share over two dozen ways that you can reclaim part of your day from Excel. You'll uncover mouse techniques, keyboard shortcuts, hidden menus, and even ways to create your own custom keyboard shortcuts in Excel. Restore the classic print preview screen in Excel 2010 and later, undo or redo multiple actions at once, and even learn how to have Excel read words and numbers aloud to you. There's even a shortcut for toggling the Locked property of worksheet cells that you want to protect or unprotect. David will teach from primarily from Excel 2010, but will demonstrate new features in Excel 2013 when warranted, as well as disclose any differences in Excel 2007. Coverage of Excel 2003 will be limited to questions raised by the audience. Why you should Attend: Avoid frustration by understanding the nuances between Enter and Edit modes. Avoid repetitive work by creating a keyboard shortcut for Excel's Freeze Panes feature. Double-check manual inputs with ease by having Excel read numbers aloud to you. Keep an eye on how much your text is being reduced as you try to squeeze more onto a page. Learn the risks--and rewards--of double-clicking on the fill handle in Excel.

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