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  1. Does The U.S. Biosimilar Space Have A Case Of “Progressophobia?”

    A prediction that a failure of the U.S. biosimilars market could lead to the end of the global biosimilars market begs the question of how we evaluate progress, as well as how such a prediction could be avoided.

  2. Could This Stakeholder Lead The Biosimilar Charge?

    Many have predicted payers will be the stakeholders to carry biosimilars across the finish line. But as the past few years will attest, this has not turned out to be the case, and this realization leaves the biosimilar industry asking an important, somewhat nerve-wracking question:

  3. Views From The U.K.: What Biosimilar Evolutions Are Worth Watching?

    The first of this three-part article touches on the current biosimilar-related developments ongoing in the U.K., as well as what the new chair of the British Biosimilars Association (BBA) is keeping her eyes on, both in the U.K. and globally.

  4. Accurate Comparability Assessment Of A Biosimilar Interferon In Process Development

    This application note describes how to achieve accurate comparability assessments using Biacore™ T200 and Amersham™ WB system in the development of a biosimilar.

  5. Why Biosimilars Won’t Be “A Stake In The Heart Of Innovation”

    There has not been much discussion about how biosimilars contribute to or will impact innovation — outside of helping the healthcare system afford costly novel therapies. I found my interest in this question sparked upon reading a recent headline, "Biosimilars: The Cure for Sky-High Drug Prices Or A Stake In The Heart Of Innovation?"

  6. AmerisourceBergen: Responsible Pricing, Patient Programs Biggest Biosimilar Challenges

    In the first part of this two-part article, we touched on the two strategies for distributing biosimilars. In this article, Lozano highlights some of the common topics that pose the greatest challenges for manufacturers, in particular pricing their products and establishing patient and provider services. 

  7. 2018 CBI Biosimilars Summit Unveils New Industry Focus Areas

    As more real-world evidence demonstrating biosimilars’ efficacy and safety is released, I daresay I speak for many in the U.S. who are left asking, “What more do we need?” Well, this event turned me on to a few areas that could use some work and renewed attention.

  8. The Wholesaler’s Guide To Biosimilar Distribution

    It’s rare that I should stumble upon an article discussing how biosimilars actually end up at the hospital or pharmacy in the first place. So I took the opportunity to speak with AmerisourceBergen's Richard Lozano to get a better sense of the manufacturer-wholesaler relationship and some of the questions companies must consider as they prepare to supply their biosimilars to the market.

  9. How These Hospital Stakeholders Can Benefit Biosimilar Commercialization

    In Cinfa Biotech’s time preparing for regulatory submission and, hopefully, a future product launch, Jankowsky has noted the increasingly significant role pharmacists play in educating doctors. Much of this comes down to their holistic method of approaching biosimilars — and this was integral in establishing the company’s rationale for development.

  10. What Challenges Should Biosimilar Companies Expect In 2018?

    Whether they be IP-,real-world-data-, or ongoing market-access-related challenges, biosimilar companies should expect a busy year ahead. Biosimilar Development's editorial advisory board members share the challenges they're keeping their eyes on.