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  1. Regulatory Consistency: How To Fix The U.S. Biosimilar Pathway

    Though the FDA has taken great efforts in the past year to stand up for biosimilars and establish the BAP, one expert argues the agency can do more to confidently and simply underscore the quality of biosimilar products and to reconsider the need for the additional studies required of biosimilars, especially — but not just limited to — clinical studies.

  2. 2019 CBI Biosimilars Summit: Sustainability Requires A Step-Wise Approach

    Just as the FDA emphasized that companies should take a “step-wise” approach to biosimilar development, I’d argue this same approach needs to be embraced in our commercialization and education efforts moving forward.

  3. Chasing The Biopharma Market

    From new customer bases and vaccines to biosimilars and antibodies: what are the emerging trends and hot topics in biopharma, and how can companies take advantage of them in order to succeed?

  4. Speed Biologics To Clinical Trials Faster

    If your business strategy doesn’t fully align with your organization’s capabilities in terms of expertise, capacity, and resources, it might be wise to consider outsourcing to a biologics CDMO for speed to market.

  5. The Evolving Landscape Of Medical Science Liaisons

    Though the report does not focus specifically on the role of MSLs in the biosimilar space, there were a few salient points to note for biosimilar companies as they consider the evolving roles and integration of these teams.

  6. Why This Biosimilar Initiative Is One To Watch In 2019

    When news came my way in early December that the Biosimilars Forum had established the Biosimilars Roundtable, which would be a working group comprising members of 40 different stakeholder organizations, I was thrilled.

  7. Biosimilar “Fake Views” Roundup

    The end goal of this creative biosimilar-related work of fiction is to reflect upon and make light of the most prominent market hurdles we’ve faced thus far in the biosimilar industry.

  8. Biosimilar Experts Pinpoint 2019’s Biggest Industry Challenges

    As we enter 2019, editorial board experts share their thoughts on what challenges will be top-of-mind for biosimilar companies, trade groups, and payers, as we progress into the new year.

  9. Top 5 Biosimilar Developments Of 2018

    As the industry matures, I’m finding it harder and harder to single out one specific news headline as being the most influential. Rather, each of these Top 5 encompasses a series of events that, together, have further defined and carried this industry forward.

  10. How This Employer-Driven Initiative Could Revolutionize Biosimilar Use

    Using what The Coalition’s President and CEO Troy Ross has termed “3D thinking” through the creation of data mapping, employers are gaining access to information they’ve never been privy to before that will enable them to identify savings opportunities and better design their benefits — which could mean increased traction for biosimilars.