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  1. 4 Conversations Integral To Building Biosimilar Partnerships

    Thanks to Mundipharma's Richard Trollope, I not only got the inside scoop on what makes a biosimilar partnership specifically a biosimilar partnership, but also Mundipharma’s journey in launching Remsima, Truxima, and, most recently, Herzuma.

  2. Critique Of Literature Review Highlights Areas For Future Study And Education

    A recently published literature review of biosimilar switching studies drew some pushback in the form of a letter to the editor. Though this letter may seem, on the surface, another frustrating bump in the road, it raises several new, important lines of inquiry for biosimilar makers and stakeholders to explore in future publications.

  3. Considering A Future In Biosimilars: The Small Biotech Perspective

    A small biotech company faces specific challenges when navigating both the biosimilar and the innovative space. I wanted to get a better sense of how smaller companies originally defined as biosimilar pure-plays, like Pfenex, are ensuring longevity in the biosimilars space.

  4. Recent Conference Reveals Growing Wave Of Biosimilar Social Responsibility

    I’ve heard it said that innovation in the biosimilar world extends beyond the actual scientific and technical development of the product; innovation also applies to the act of changing and shaping regulations and perspectives. This year’s conference really emphasized the specific tasks being carried out by members of biosimilar companies, patient advocacy groups, payers, and research organizations to change and advance perspectives.

  5. How Social Media Can Support #Biosimilars

    In the countless moments I’ve spent scrolling through social media platforms, a few ways they’re being used by pharma companies, organizations, and patients have caught my eye. Though they aren’t all posts about biosimilars, I think they’re worth calling attention to as potential strategies for biosimilar companies.

  6. How These Key Learnings Shaped Pfizer’s Biosimilar Business

    It takes more to enter the biosimilar business than simply being a leading innovator in the biologics space. As several Pfizer experts shared, there are some integral transitions, both in mindset and in terms of practice, that need to occur to fully embrace biosimilars.  

  7. Economics And The Clinic: What Biosimilar Manufacturers Must Consider

    In the second of this two-part article, McKesson Specialty Health's Omar Hafez and Pete Perron discuss how to approach the complex financial landscape in the clinic and help incentivize clinics to use biosimilars.

  8. Nunc Roller Bottles Excel With ST, Vero, And MDBK Cells Application Note

    A third-party study was conducted to compare the performance of Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Roller Bottles (1.2 and 2.5X) and 850 cm2 roller bottles from another supplier, for the culturing of ST, Vero, and MDBK cells.

  9. Rapid, Serum-Free, High-Yield Antibody Production In Nunc PETG Roller Bottles Application Note

    A rapid, flexible, and high-yield approach both hybridoma expansion and for antibody production using a serum-free medium in Nunc PETG Roller Bottles.

  10. 3 Biosimilar Barriers In Community Clinics

    In the first of this two-part article, McKesson experts share insights on two biosimilar barriers they’ve noticed in community clinics and highlight their takeaways from infliximab’s and filgrastim’s experiences tackling these barriers.