Biosimilar Manufacturing solution center

  1. Pulse Check: How To Assess Your In-House Biomanufacturing Capabilities

    By checking the pulse of your organization, you can identify gaps and develop a plan for how to address them, so you can make the right decisions at the right time.

  2. Quick Purification Strategy – Adenovirus Purification

    An easy two-step protocol to purify adenoviruses.

  3. Considering A Future In Biosimilars: The Small Biotech Perspective

    A small biotech company faces specific challenges when navigating both the biosimilar and the innovative space. I wanted to get a better sense of how smaller companies originally defined as biosimilar pure-plays, like Pfenex, are ensuring longevity in the biosimilars space.

  4. How These Key Learnings Shaped Pfizer’s Biosimilar Business

    It takes more to enter the biosimilar business than simply being a leading innovator in the biologics space. As several Pfizer experts shared, there are some integral transitions, both in mindset and in terms of practice, that need to occur to fully embrace biosimilars.  

  5. Preparing For The Future - Visions And Insights For Biomanufacturing

    In this e-book, you’ll find insight and advice from some of the industry’s top experts about current trends in biomanufacturing, modern process intensification techniques and the outlook for digital automation.  We’ll explore innovative process approaches that can be applied at various scales and stages of development in hopes of providing you with a visionary guide of how to effectively manufacture your molecule.

  6. Nunc Cell Factory System Extractable Review

    How product design influences biopharmaceutical manufacturer extractable profiles.

  7. Master Cell Bank Production Of Liver Carcinoma Cells

    Improved productivity using a Nunc High Density Cell Factory 52-layer system.

  8. Culture Of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells In Nunc Cell Factory Systems

    Helpful methodology that can be applied to the large-scale expansion of other cell types for use in various applications using Cell Factory systems.

  9. BioProcess Containers – Materials Of Construction

    Several characteristics are important to the performance of BPCs, including biological compatibility, physical and mechanical properties, and extractables and leachables (E&L).

  10. Are Today’s Processes Efficient Enough For The Future Of Vaccine And Viral Vector Production?

    By recognizing the limitations of today’s production processes, the industry may be able to overcome the challenges, complexity, and high cost of manufacturing vaccines and viral vector-based therapies.