Ed Miseta

Ed Miseta

Ed Miseta is chief editor for the website Clinical Leader, executive editor for Life Science Leader magazine, conference chair for Clinical Leader Forum, and host of Clinical Leader Live. Ed studied Business Economics at The Pennsylvania State University and also holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Ed has been a writer for more than 12 years and has been covering clinical research since January 2013. Ed spent 10 years in banking and investments and also taught economics at Penn State for 8 years. In his current position, Ed interviews clinical executives from pharmaceutical and biotech companies and shares their insights with readers. His primary focus is on best practices, challenges faced and overcome, clinical trends, partnering, and implementing new technologies. He has also moderated numerous speaker panels at industry conferences and trade shows.


  • What Does Biogen’s Drug Approval Mean For Alzheimer’s Patients?

    The FDA’s approval of aducanumab for patients with Alzheimer’s disease seems to have surprised some in the industry. There are several take-aways from the decision, and senior industry analysts Marc Engelsgjerd and Sam Fazeli of Bloomberg Intelligence have captured those ideas in a new white paper. 

  • COVID-19 & The Virtual Trial Rush: Front-Line Insights

    The COVID-19 pandemic caught many sponsor companies and sites unprepared. Clinical trial participants were told to stay home for their own safety and to relieve the burden on site personnel. For companies that had millions invested in trials that required data from those patients, panic set in and the rush was on for new technology solutions.

  • New Biologics Create Need For Patient-Friendly Injectors

    Analysts forecast that by the end of 2016, 50 percent of the top 100 drugs on the market will be biologics. Currently more than 900 biologic drugs are in development to treat a broad range of conditions, including cancers, immunologic disorders, and rare and chronic diseases. That the majority of new injectable treatments are biologics will present a new challenge in delivery of the medicines.

  • Biopharma Trends That Will Impact The Industry In 2016

    The beginning of the year is always a good time to take a look ahead at the trends most likely to impact the industry in the coming months. One area that is changing quickly, and which promises to impact clinical trials in the coming years, is biopharma. I recently spoke with Jim Esinhart, CEO of Chiltern, about some of these trends, including study protocols, big data, mergers, and new technologies.

  • UPS Pain In The Chain Survey: Pharma Makes Gains In Compliance, Partnerships

    UPS' Pain in the Chain survey is one of the best ways to understand where life science companies stand on the issues making logistics a headache and keeping executives up at night. Since 2008, the survey of healthcare and life science supply chain professionals has attempted to determine the needs of these companies.

  • Is The Pharma Industry Really An Enemy?

    I consider myself to be a fan of the pharmaceutical industry. This is not simply because I write for a media group that covers the pharma industry. I feel like I was a fan even before taking on my current job. It may have started a few years ago when an ailment of old age (I’m 52) began to inconvenience me and disrupt my sleep. One little white pill taken once per day has now relieved me of that issue. So, while there are many industries that bring happiness and efficiencies into my life, only one of those industries has the potential to save the lives of patients with life threatening illnesses, and ease the suffering of others. That is the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Enthusiasm is Good….But Don’t Overdo It

    Right now, enthusiasm in the pharma and biopharma markets seems to be running high. My colleague Rob Wright, chief editor of Life Science Leader, recently returned from the JP Morgan Conference in San Francisco. One of his takeaways was the current level of excitement in the industry. Several sources, he says, noted we can expect to see major biotech deals inked in 2015. Biosimilars? Declining revenue? Recession? Patent cliff? Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!

  • WIB Profile: Emerging Markets Drive Growth In Biologics

    I was able to catch up with Daniella Kranjac, integration leader and head of commercial operations, to discuss her position with GE Healthcare and the trends she sees occurring in the biologics market.