Newsletter | August 31, 2023

08.31.23 -- The Cancer Drug Shortage: When Quality Fails


The Cancer Drug Shortage: When Quality Fails

Our industry is failing cancer patients with the current cancer drug shortage. Why is this happening and what can we do about it? This expert provides her insights from the perspective of a quality control professional.

Combination Product QMS Requirements For The EU Market

Pharma companies are now building the capability to manufacture combination products in-house to increase flexibility and reduce dependency on third parties. This article shares key considerations for companies implementing a medical device QMS with regard to EU requirements.


Selecting Drug Delivery Systems For Higher Doses, Higher Viscosities, And Lower Risk

Discover how companies can de-risk their device selection as they bring this new generation of high-volume, high-viscosity biologics to market.

Alkaline Stability Of Modern Protein A Chromatography Resins

Explore results from a resin lifetime study with over 150 cycles, using clarified cell harvest in every cycle, which has been performed to evaluate the alkaline stability of three protein A resins.

Process Impurities: Don’t Let PEI Or HCP Derail Your Biotherapy

Learn product characterization strategies to de-risk manufacturing and detect and characterize host cell proteins and polyethylenimine in mAb and cell and gene therapies.


CVS Health Launches Cordavis


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