Biosimilar Insights

  1. Now & Next: Mavupharma

    Saurabh Kapure, Vice President, Business Development, USA for Jubilant Biosys, recently sat down with Michael Gallatin, Ph.D., president and co-founder of Mavupharma (Mavu), the drug discovery and development company, to discuss some of the latest developments in the industry and at Mavu. In this Q&A, Dr. Gallatin shares his thoughts about Mavupharma, his role at the company, the evolution of biopharma, drug discovery, development, and the road ahead for the industry with Saurabh.

  2. Building A Better Film For Single-Use Bioprocessing Through Effective Partnering

    As the impact of extractables and leachables on product stability gained greater visibility in relation to single-use technology (SUT), GE Healthcare and Sealed Air formed a partnership to address the issues with the current film structures in today’s biopharma market. 

  3. Purposeful Design And Development Of A Next-Generation Single-Use Bioprocess Film

    Fortem film development is an important investment by GE Healthcare, as it helps meet the industry need for a fully characterized platform film across all bioprocessing applications with supply chain transparency as a focal point. 

  4. Tips For Viral Vector Production

    The viral vector market is highly active, and the interest in production technologies is driven by recent approvals in cell and gene therapy. Here, insights around the challenges in viral vector manufacturing are shared so that a scalable and cost-efficient process suitable for GMP manufacturing environments can be obtained.

  5. Biosimilar Education Strategies for Physicians And Clinicians


    Free collection of articles highlighting some of the dynamics playing out in the hospital setting for biosimilars, as well as how physicians and drugmakers can foster a greater understanding of biosimilar medicines.

  6. How To Adapt Your Existing Biomanufacturing Process To Maximize Production

    Achieving “smarter”, more flexible workflows requires a complete understanding of today’s novel solutions and technologies, which, when applied appropriately, can push the boundaries of drug development and offer critical advantages in an increasingly competitive industry. 

  7. Intensified Chromatography Strategies

    With a newer toolbox of options to intensify downstream manufacturing operations, it is important to understand what factors should impact your decisions regarding the implementation of these innovative solutions.

  8. Achieving Operational Efficiency In Today’s Fragmented Market

    Meeting the goals of today’s industry requires a deeper look at how to continuously achieve maximum utilization and reduce waste without sacrificing quality in the race to be first to market. 

  9. 4 Steps Toward End-To-End Connected Manufacturing

    Breaking down the implementation of continuous manufacturing into the following four steps may provide some much-needed guidance as you prepare your network for the future of biomanufacturing.

  10. Securing Bioprocess Film Supply

    Learn how a partnership built on technical expertise and trust is helping to secure the supply of a single-use film built for bioprocessing.