• The Biosimilar Leadership Playbook: 5 Tips For Success

    In the next five to 10 years, what will define a leader in the biosimilar space? Which skills will be the most important to long-term growth in the biosimilar space? Here McKinsey & Co.'s Jorge Santos da Silva shares five specific best practices emerging for any company looking to be — or remain — a leader in the biosimilar space. 

  • Will It Be Biologics Business As Usual In 2021, Or Will Biosimilars Mean Business?

    In this fourth installment of the Editorial Board 2021 Outlook, it's clear that stakeholders are relying more heavily on biosimilars and that it’s more important than ever for biosimilar companies to keep carrying the torch for more competition, cost-savings, value, and responsible pricing.

  • The Biosimilar Toolbox: How To Ratchet Up Biosimilar Competition In 2021

    As you’ll read in the following responses, increased competition in 2021 is on the minds of many. How that competition unfolds has yet to be determined. But if one thing is clear, it’s that the industry has many exciting tools at its disposal to bolster biosimilar competition in 2021. 

  • The Top 5 Biosimilar Developments Of 2020

    Though 2020 felt like an endless descent into Dante’s Nine Circles of Hell, I wanted to end the year as I typically do: with a column highlighting the most important and positive biosimilar developments from the past 12 months.

  • Will These Big Biosimilar Questions Be Answered In 2021?

    Biosimilar Development is back with the highly anticipated second installment of its Editorial Board 2021 Outlook series! Here, the experts address the biggest questions they have going into 2021, as well as some of the events, policies, and corporate strategies they hope will help answer these questions.

  • From “Musty Towel” To “Golden Age:” Biosimilars In 2021 And Beyond

    The industry has certainly come a long way since the “great doubt” of 2019. However, I’d argue the biosimilar space still remains on the verge of transformation.

  • Biosimilar Experts Reflect On 2020’s Greatest Biosimilar Achievements

    As the amazing members of the Biosimilar Development Editorial Board emphasize here, there is a lot to be thankful for in the biosimilar world. Check out the first of what will be a four-part series showcasing the editorial board’s thoughts on the past year and the year(s) ahead.

  • Why Severability Should Be Every Biosimilar Makers’ Rallying Cry In 2021

    In the upcoming months, the Supreme Court will (hopefully) be deciding whether Congress intended for the entire ACA to survive should individual provisions be found unconstitutional. So, for better or worse, the biosimilar industry has a few more months of pondering the (excruciating) “what ifs” around the future of the BPCIA. 

  • 3 Expert Perspectives On Biosimilar Differentiation & Biobetter Development

    In part two of this two-part series, several experts from a DIA panel share additional insights around the types of differentiation biosimilar companies can pursue and its overall impact on product/device selection and the manufacturing process. 

  • Biosimilar Or Biobetter? Perspectives On An Evolving Market

    A recent webinar from IQVIA on the biosimilar and “biobetter” landscape provided a great overview of the opportunities for differentiation and the outlook for biobetter development. In part one of this two-part article on differentiation, I’ll share some of my main takeaways from IQVIA’s webinar.

Anna Rose Welch Headshot

Anna Rose Welch

Anna Rose Welch is the director of Cell & Gene Collaborative. In this role, she is forging close relationships with the leading voices and organizations in the cell and gene therapy manufacturing sphere. This includes establishing a peer group comprising Cell & Gene company manufacturing SMEs, conducting interviews and hosting interactive roundtables on the evolving manufacturing paradigm, and authoring thought leadership articles and blog posts via the Cell & Gene Collaborative blog.

Prior to launching Cell & Gene Collaborative, Anna Rose spent five years building an extensive network and editorial following as the Chief Editor of Biosimilar Development. In addition to penning thought leadership on biosimilar regulatory affairs, government policy, and commercialization advances, she was also an active participant in the biosimilar conferences circuit. She was appointed chair or served as a speaker and panel moderator at international conferences, including the World Biosimilar Congress USA, The Biotech Pharma Summit (EU), the CBI Biosimilars Summit, DIA Biosimilars Conference, and the Biosimilar Medicines Group Conference (EU). In 2018, she was invited to Brazil where she addressed members of the Brazilian Ministry of Health, ANVISA, and local biologics and biosimilar manufacturers on establishing national biologics and biosimilar policies. She also represented the publication on a media tour of Bangkok, Thailand in 2017, during which she reported on the country’s efforts to bolster its life sciences industry. In addition to writing for Biosimilar Development, she penned the introductory chapter to the book, Biosimilars: Regulatory, Clinical, and Biopharmaceutical Development (Springer, 2018).

In 2018, her first book of poetry, We, The Almighty Fires, was published by Alice James Books.