• How Can Hospitals Lead The Biosimilar Charge?

    One oncology expert shares his thoughts on the operational challenges biosimilars may pose hospitals and what biosimilar manufacturers need to consider as they continue to invest in and launch oncology biosimilars.

  • Employers Aim To Transform Biosimilar, Biologics Reimbursement

    Though the IDN is a unique setting of care, there were still several lines of discussion that arose from Kaiser Permanente's best practices that sparked discussion on how other stakeholders, particularly employers, can start to chip away at the systemic issues standing in biosimilars’ way.

  • “What Would Kaiser Do?” Changing The Employer Mindset About Biosimilars

    In this first of a two-part article based on our discussion, a payer and employer coalition director highlight some of the payer and employer-centric discussions that are being had today to both improve biosimilar access and navigate a system that has not been friendly to lower-cost competition thus far.

  • How Kaiser Built A Biosimilar Empire — The Inside Story

    Kaiser Permanente's Dr. Sameer Awsare and I touched base in recent weeks to talk about the process in place that has encouraged great success for biosimilars within KP. In particular, Dr. Awsare reinforces many of the lessons I’ve heard from other physicians within different healthcare settings in order to encourage greater physician and patient biosimilar buy-in.

  • The Nurse’s Perspective On Biosimilars In Oncology Care

    Seeing as Sheldon has been in oncology care for almost 40 years and still works as an oncology nurse practitioner, she was the perfect person to speak to about the trends she’s observing in oncology care, in addition to the current role biosimilars play — and could still play — in oncology.

  • Sandoz Execs: Biosimilar Initiatives For A New Decade

    Here, Yoon and Frame reveal their expectations for the biosimilar industry, touching upon which education efforts are still needed and which trends in the broader pharmaceutical and healthcare market will be influential for future waves of biosimilar development and access.

  • Education, Patents, Sustainability, Oh My! Experts Dish On 2020 Biosimilar Challenges

    In this final installment of the Biosimilar Editorial Board 2020 Outlook series, it's clear there is also a growing urgency and passion for seeing this industry succeed — and that passion is not to be underestimated.

  • Sandoz Executives: Have Biosimilars Lived Up To Their Promise?

    I had the fortune of talking with two U.S. Sandoz executives, Sheila Frame, VP, marketing, market access, and patient services, and William Yoon, head, external engagement and medical advocacy. In the first of this two-part article, I picked their brains about the progress they’ve observed and how challenges for the industry have evolved over the past 10 years.

  • Biosimilar Industry Advancements To Watch In 2020

    Multi-biosimilar competition in the U.S. oncology space, as well as the FDA’s regulatory progress toward a more competitive insulin market were popular topics among the whole group. But these are hardly the only big events to note in this progressing industry.

  • Fresenius Kabi: The Quest For More Efficient Biosimilar R&D

    Following the news of Fresenius Kabi’s new biosimilar R&D lab, I reached out to one executive to discuss the current challenges in biosimilar R&D, including maintaining the delicate balance between biosimilar R&D and commercial teams as Fresenius Kabi prepares for a long future in the biosimilar space.

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Anna Rose Welch

Since the launch of Biosimilar Development in 2015, Chief Editor Anna Rose Welch has conducted interviews and written thought-leadership columns on the biosimilar development, regulatory, policy, and commercialization advances in the global biosimilar industry. She has built an editorial board and interviewed experts from a wide variety of biosimilar stakeholder organizations.

Anna Rose has also been an active participant in the biosimilar conferences circuit. She has been appointed chair or served as a speaker and panel moderator at conferences based in the U.S. and Europe, including the World Biosimilar Congress USA, The Biotech Pharma Summit, the CBI Biosimilars Summit, DIA Biosimilars Conference, and the Biosimilar Medicines Group Conference. In 2018, she was invited to Brazil to address members of the Brazilian Ministry of Health, ANVISA, and local biologics and biosimilars manufacturers about how to establish a national biologics and biosimilars policy. She has also represented the publication on a media tour of Bangkok, Thailand in 2017, during which she reported on the country’s efforts to bolster its life sciences industry. In addition to writing for Biosimilar Development, she penned the introductory chapter to the book, Biosimilars: Regulatory, Clinical, and Biopharmaceutical Development (Springer, 2018).

In 2018, her first book of poetry was published by Alice James Books.