• Canada’s Nuanced Healthcare System: Biosimilars In The Private Sector

    The first of this two-part article portrays the complex makeup of the Canadian healthcare system and current stakeholder needs as it relates to biosimilar switching, with a specific focus on the results of one private payer's transition program.

  • “Show Me The Data:” New Publication Moves Long-Held Regulatory Debate Forward

    A new peer-reviewed paper, armed with the necessary data, aims to carry us into the days of more tailored biosimilar development. Lead author Martin Schiestl discusses the paper’s most important findings and what implications these data will have for biosimilar developers and regulators.

  • Biosimilar Clinical Trials: Past, Present, And (Near) Future

    As we continue discussing the role of large comparative efficacy studies in the biosimilar development paradigm, two Covance experts focus more specifically on the near-term clinical challenges companies are likely to face as the biosimilar pipeline diversifies in the next few years.

  • The Pharmacist’s Role In Biosimilar Uptake: The Art Of Formulary Management

    Unless we’re pharmacists ourselves, we rarely get a look into the formulary-building process and what this can mean for biosimilar usage overall. Here, pharmacist Sophia Humphreys of Providence St. Joseph Health shares the ins-and-outs of formulary building and the role pharmacists can play to encourage greater biosimilar usage. 

  • How Will COVID-19 Impact Biosimilar Supply & Growth In The U.S.?

    To better understand the current biologics usage and supply patterns, I reached out to editorial board member Sean McGowan of AmerisourceBergen. McGowan is in the perfect position to provide an all-encompassing view on the current supply trends and challenges that may be facing the biologics industry in both the short and long-term.

  • Crowded Biosimilar Clinical Trial Landscape Requires Differentiation

    At the U.S. World Biosimilar Congress, Covance's Joan Meyer highlighted the biggest clinical trial challenges and shared tips on how biosimilar companies can communicate the benefits of comparative efficacy trials for patients and investigators alike.

  • Biosimilar Interchangeability: 3 Questions That Need Answers

    Though debate on this topic has been simmering on and off for the past few years, members of the biosimilar industry were approaching the nuances of interchangeability with increased zeal at the U.S. World Biosimilar Congress. Here, one expert tackles the lingering questions surrounding interchangeability and its impact on stakeholders.

  • Biosimilars In An Election Year: What To Expect

    Christine Simmon, the executive director and SVP of policy and strategic alliances for the Biosimilars Council shares several leading biosimilar policy efforts that are front-of-mind for the Council, paying a closer look, as well, to some of the potential limitations of the proposals as they stand now.

  • Aligning With Cancer Centers To Spur Biosimilar Uptake

    During our conversation, Pontchartrain Cancer Center COO Kathy Oubre shared what biosimilar makers can do to balance both sustainability and promote cost savings while also supporting cancer centers and their healthcare professionals.

  • Biosimilars In The Pandemic Age: Current Impact And Market Implications

    This has been a very exciting time for those in drug discovery, while it’s been a bit quieter on the biosimilar front (understandably). That said, I’ve come across a few tidbits of knowledge here and there about the impact this pandemic may or may not yet be having on the biosimilar space.

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Anna Rose Welch

Since the launch of Biosimilar Development in 2015, Chief Editor Anna Rose Welch has conducted interviews and written thought-leadership columns on the biosimilar development, regulatory, policy, and commercialization advances in the global biosimilar industry. She has built an editorial board and interviewed experts from a wide variety of biosimilar stakeholder organizations.

Anna Rose has also been an active participant in the biosimilar conferences circuit. She has been appointed chair or served as a speaker and panel moderator at conferences based in the U.S. and Europe, including the World Biosimilar Congress USA, The Biotech Pharma Summit, the CBI Biosimilars Summit, DIA Biosimilars Conference, and the Biosimilar Medicines Group Conference. In 2018, she was invited to Brazil to address members of the Brazilian Ministry of Health, ANVISA, and local biologics and biosimilars manufacturers about how to establish a national biologics and biosimilars policy. She has also represented the publication on a media tour of Bangkok, Thailand in 2017, during which she reported on the country’s efforts to bolster its life sciences industry. In addition to writing for Biosimilar Development, she penned the introductory chapter to the book, Biosimilars: Regulatory, Clinical, and Biopharmaceutical Development (Springer, 2018).

In 2018, her first book of poetry was published by Alice James Books.