Anna Rose Welch articles

  1. Building Thailand’s Biosimilar Industry From The Ground Up

    As the first of this two-part article revealed, the biosimilar market has undergone several revolutions since the release of the Thai FDA’s biosimilar guidelines in 2013. During our tour of Siam’s facilities, the company’s managing director, Songpon Deechongkit, Ph.D., shared the company’s history, overall biosimilar strategy, and some of the pros and cons of being the first and only biosimilar company in Thailand.

  2. The Thai FDA’s Approach To Biologics And Biosimilars

    This article examines Thailand's history with biologics and biosimilars, as well as Siam Bioscience's perceptions of the current Thai FDA biologics and biosimilar regulations in relation to the U.S. and EU.   

  3. A Deep Dive Into Brazil’s Biosimilar PDPs

    In terms of life sciences, Brazil is best known as a small molecule pharmaceutical market; some of the largest companies in Brazil are small molecule generics companies. But, in recent years, the country has identified the importance of establishing a biotechnology industry. Enter the productive development partnerships (PDPs). 

  4. 5 Biosimilar Questions: The Payer Perspective (Part 2)

    In this article (the second of two parts), experts from a regional and national payer elaborate on some of their expectations for the market and how they — in partnership with companies — can encourage biosimilar acceptance.

  5. 5 Biosimilar Questions: The Payer Perspective (Part 1)

    In the first of this two-part article, two experts from a regional and national payer reveal why they haven't exactly taken the hoped-for no-holds-barred approach to biosimilars.

  6. The Importance Of Options In Biosimilar Litigation

    A recent discussion amongst experts from Momenta, Eli Lilly, and Foley & Lardner highlighted the diversity of opinions surrounding Amgen v. Sandoz and other legal challenges in the space. But lurking underneath discussions of statutes and standards of evidence is biosimilar makers' desires for options to address the U.S.' rigid patent landscape.

  7. How Congress Can Help Biosimilars Succeed

    In the third, most recent installment of The Atlantic’s biosimilar policy update, Vermont Representative Peter Welch homed in on several misperceptions and hesitations within Congress which are serving as a stumbling block to government-assisted cheaper prices, as well as the timely market entry of biosimilars.   

  8. How Biosimilars Are Challenging The FDA Beyond The Science

    Listening to the diverse membership of the biosimilar industry speak at a number of conferences this past year has raised two questions about the FDA and the overall role it should play — both in citizens’ lives and within the industry.

  9. Two Key Questions Tackled At 2017 World Biosimilar Congress

    There were two big questions that were addressed throughout the recent World Biosimilar Congress conference that both deepened my own knowledge of this space and/or called attention to topics that have been cropping up in other industry discussions.

  10. Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Biosimilar Retail Pharmacy Uptake

    In the first of this two-part article, I highlighted the current, cautious biosimilar climate in one IDN and some of the challenges hindering uptake. But I was pleasantly surprised by the confidence Michael Jacobs, senior director of health and wellness at Walmart, had about the positive impact the retail pharmacy model could have on biosimilars in the upcoming years.