Anna Rose Welch articles

  1. Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Biosimilar Retail Pharmacy Uptake

    In the first of this two-part article, I highlighted the current, cautious biosimilar climate in one IDN and some of the challenges hindering uptake. But I was pleasantly surprised by the confidence Michael Jacobs, senior director of health and wellness at Walmart, had about the positive impact the retail pharmacy model could have on biosimilars in the upcoming years. 

  2. How Biosimilars Will Fare In Integrated Delivery Networks

    After hearing presentations by two experts working in an integrated delivery network (IDN) and a retail pharmacy setting, it’s clear each has a decidedly different stance on biosimilars: one is cautious, the other confident. In the first of this two-part article, I address the current, cautious biosimilar climate in one IDN and some of the challenges hindering uptake.

  3. A Glimpse Into Thailand’s Ongoing Life Sciences Transformation

    During my visit to Thailand, I was privy, not only to the particularly innovative research goals being pursued, but also to a number of challenges the country has recognized and hopes to address within the next few years to encourage a stronger, more diverse industry.

  4. What Thailand Revealed About U.S. Pharma R&D

    A few weeks ago, I was invited by the Thailand Board of Investment to attend a media trip to learn about the country’s budding life sciences industry. Entering Thailand, a country in which the government is pushing more investment and education in the sciences, was even more striking and meaningful to me given the current scientific climate in the U.S.

  5. What To Know About Thailand’s Life Sciences Industry

    About a month ago, I was offered a tremendous opportunity: to attend a media trip to Thailand to learn about the country’s burgeoning life sciences industry. Like many people in the life sciences industry, I had no idea just how much has been going on within the country in terms of life sciences.

  6. Political Uncertainty Emphasizes Need For More Efficient Biosimilar Development

    It’s unlikely biosimilar applications containing only analytical and preclinical data will meet the FDA’s demands for totality of the evidence within the next few years. However, a changing political climate urging quicker development and lower drug prices has only intensified the discussion within the biosimilar industry about developmental efficiency.

  7. The BBCIC: Ushering In The Age Of Biosimilar Post-Marketing Surveillance

    The BBCIC is in the midst of undertaking one of the biggest challenges facing the industry: biosimilar post-marketing surveillance. Despite its young, two-year tenure, the BBCIC has set several key goals for the year ahead to ensure science, not anecdotal reporting, informs all stakeholders about biosimilar performance.

  8. Why Interchangeability Won’t Be The “Silver Bullet” For Biosimilar Uptake

    We’ve continued to see more data released emphasizing the safety of biosimilar switching abroad. However, as Merck KGaA Darmstadt Germany's Sue Naeyaert argues, these data alone are unlikely to be the silver bullet to greater biosimilar uptake. In an interview, Naeyaert shared her thoughts about how interchangeability in the U.S. will play out, as well as how biosimilar use could be incentivized in the fragmented American healthcare system.

  9. What Biosimilar Companies Should Think About A 70 % Discount

    Edric Engert, managing director of Abraxeolus Consulting (formerly of Teva), shares his opinions on where the biosimilar market is heading, how we can promote greater uptake within the U.S., and just how “genericized” the market can and will potentially become.  

  10. Samsung Bioepis: Turning “Lessons Learned” Into Biosimilars

    In the pharmaceutical industry, five years is a short length of time in which to launch a company, establish a development process, and bring several biosimilar candidates to market. In an interview, Paul Song shared some of the efforts Samsung Bioepis has made to pass down lessons learned and to continue evolving in the years ahead.