Biosimilar App Notes & Case Studies

  1. Biosimilars: Providing More Treatment Options

    It is hoped that the development of biosimilars will lead to more competition, and therefore, more accessible, cost-effective treatments.

  2. How To Integrate Automation In Your Biomanufacturing Environment

    Through proper planning of your automation integration, you can eliminate costly errors and missteps and focus on developing efficient, future-proof automation strategies.

  3. Purification Of An Acidic IgM For Large Biomolecule Purification

    The large size of IgMs makes their purification very challenging. See how Bio-Rad's new strong anion exchange resin (AEX), Nuvia HP-Q, has the ability to overcome the multiple issues faced when purifying large biomolecules.

  4. Adenovirus Production In Single-Use Bioreactor System

    Rocking bioreactor systems can shorten the seed train prior to inoculation and provide optimized growth conditions for sensitive cells. This study presents a robust production of adenovirus using such a system.

  5. Modular Approaches For Diverse Molecules: Reinventing Smart Bioprocessing

    Smart bioprocessing uses bioinformatics, lab-scale processing, and analytics to create efficient and cost-effective production processes that can be verified at lab-scale before scale-up.

  6. Effective Downstream Purification For A Clinical-Stage Retrovirus-Like Particle

    Purification of enveloped viruses and virus-liked particles presents several challenges due to their large size and complexity. This case study demonstrates resin screening, process development and scale-up purification of a retrovirus-like particle. 

  7. Stripping And Reprobing Western Blot Membrane: Problems And Solutions

    Ways of maximizing your Western blot membrane use by stripping and reprobing with another primary antibody.

  8. EDGE Confocal Imaging Technology

    Increasingly, scientists are being challenged to study more biologically-relevant model systems, and this often means imaging thick, demanding 3D samples that may also be alive. Read how IRIS and EDGE confocal imaging can offer high contrast imaging of thicker samples.

  9. Biopharma’s Talent Crunch: How To Gain And Retain Skilled Labor

    What strategies should your company consider for recruiting, training, and retaining qualified candidates in order to remain competitive in a burgeoning biopharma market?

  10. Rapid, Sensitive Cancer Biomarker Screening In cfDNA

    Multiplex digital PCR enables tracking of treatment efficacy using liquid biopsies.