Biosimilar App Notes & Case Studies

  1. Biopharma’s Talent Crunch: How To Gain And Retain Skilled Labor

    What strategies should your company consider for recruiting, training, and retaining qualified candidates in order to remain competitive in a burgeoning biopharma market?

  2. How Biopharma Is Capitalizing On The Antibody Boom

    Antibodies continue to dominate. Analyzing the strategies employed by successful players in the field could provide invaluable lessons for those hoping to enter it.

  3. Buffer Composition Effect On Protein Purification With Hydrophobic Anion Exchange Resin

    This study demonstrates that the use of buffer components have significant effects on the purity and recovery of target molecules during the purification step using Nuvia aPrime 4A, a hydrophobic anion exchange resin. 

  4. Pulse Check: How To Assess Your In-House Biomanufacturing Capabilities

    By checking the pulse of your organization, you can identify gaps and develop a plan for how to address them, so you can make the right decisions at the right time.

  5. The Past And Future Of Managing Raw Material And Process Risks In Biomanufacturing

    How far have we come in raw material supply management, and what still needs accomplished to ensure the delivery of safe and effective drugs?

  6. Embracing Biosimilars, They Are Here To Stay

    The biosimilars market is suddenly booming, with established biopharma giants and nimble start-ups all clamoring for a piece of the action. But such steep competition means that only the wise will survive.

  7. Use Of Sodium Hydroxide For Cleaning And Sanitization Of Chromatography Resins And Systems

    This application note examines these aspects of using sodium hydroxide as a cleaning and sanitizing agent.

  8. Capacity And Performance Of MabSelect™ PrismA Protein A Chromatography Resin

    This application note demonstrates the binding capacity of MabSelect PrismA in comparison with its predecessor products for both polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies.

  9. Securing Bioprocess Film Supply

    Learn how a partnership built on technical expertise and trust is helping to secure the supply of a single-use film built for bioprocessing.

  10. End-To-End Process For Oncolytic Adenovirus Production

    Oncolytic viruses constitute a new promising therapeutic approach for treatment of cancer. Here’s an example of a scalable, end-to-end process for oncolytic adenovirus production using modern tools and technologies.