Biosimilar App Notes & Case Studies

  1. Use of Liquid Biopsy for Cancer Diagnosis and Monitoring

    Liquid biopsy is a noninvasive method used for the diagnosis and monitoring of disease states, including cancer. Instead of physically taking a biopsy of the affected tissue, cell-free DNA (cfDNA), circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA, a subset of cfDNA present only in tumors), or cancer cells in suspension (also known as circulating tumor cells, CTCs) are collected from blood or other fluids.

  2. Single-Use Workflow For Recovery Of A Domain Antibody From E. Coli Culture Feed In An Automated Manner

    This application note demonstrates the performance of the automated ÄKTA™ readyflux single-use filtration system in microfiltration applications. 

  3. Continuous Chromatography In Downstream Processing Of A mAb

    In this study, periodic counter current (PCC) chromatography and straight-through processing (STP) technologies were evaluated in a continuous three-step monoclonal antibody (mAb) purification process.

  4. Roivant Accelerates Process Development To Speed Orphan Therapy To Market

    This case study shares the work of GE’s Fast Trak Services team to help accelerate development of a process for cGMP production of material for toxicology studies.

  5. Don’t Let Insufficient Data Undermine Your CMO & CRO Selection Processes

    Selecting a partner is challenging, but with the right information you can simplify your efforts and increase your likelihood of making the best decision. 

  6. How Services Marketers Can Own Their Performance Measures

    Service marketers can take control of their marketing performance by implementing credible marketing effectiveness measures and creating their own narrative.

  7. Lifetime Performance Study Of MabSelect™ PrismA During Repeated Cleaning‑In‑Place Cycles

    A demonstration of the long‑term chromatographic performance of MabSelect PrismA during repeated purification cycles using 0.5 M NaOH for CIP.

  8. The Benefits Of Flow Cytometry In Immuno-Oncology Research

    Flow cytometry introduces a powerful and versatile technology into studies, enabling in-depth analysis of cell signaling and behavior.

  9. Biopharma’s Talent Crunch: How To Gain And Retain Skilled Labor

    What strategies should your company consider for recruiting, training, and retaining qualified candidates in order to remain competitive in a burgeoning biopharma market?

  10. Making The Business Case For Vaccine Manufacturing

    Vaccines are absolutely crucial for maintaining global health, but are a challenge to develop and manufacture. How can businesses ensure profitability while providing low prices for developing countries?